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Weekly Meetings

Tuesday Nights

Meal - 7pm

Worship and Discussion - 8pm

Grace Baptist

MBSF is the college ministry of Grace Baptist Church. To find out more about Grace and service times

click below.

MBSF has a large group meeting each week of the school year beginning at 7 pm. We have a meal to start the night and then a Bible study or a guest speaker. There will be some Wednesday nights where special events will be scheduled. Be sure to check out the events page on a regular basis to see when those events will be happening. 

There are also opportunities on Monday nights to be involved in a Bible study on campus. The desire is to have as many student lead Bible studies around campus as possible. These will usually occur after 8 pm or later to allow students who have been working or busy studying to participate. 

We also encourage students to worship at a local New Testament church. Christ began His church for our benefit. Worshiping and ministering in and through a local church is paramount for every believer. We invite you to come worship and serve with us at Grace Baptist church

Be sure to check out the Events page for more happenings at MBSF and Grace Baptist.

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