The Missionary Baptist Student Fellowship (MBSF) is the college ministry of Grace Baptist Church in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

College is where many Christians first have their faith tested. Studies have shown that 8 out of 10 Christian students will abandon their faith during their college years. Many do so as freshmen.


Our desire is to offer a place were students can come and feel welcomed, come to know Jesus as Savior, grow in their faith, and be encouraged to live their lives for the Lord. 

Students often ask if they have to be Missionary Baptist to attend. The answer is no. You do not even have to be a Christian. The hope is the student will become one by putting their faith in Jesus Christ.

Hannah Cunningham


Hannah is a senior majoring in Mid-level Education. Hannah is happily married the love of her life, Arnold.

Maddie Miller

Vice President

Maddie is a sophomore. She is a Mechanical Engineering major.  


Eric Watson


Eric is a freshman. He is an Instrumental Music Education major. 


Ellie Mayberry

Public Relations


Ellie is a sophomore. She is majoring in Business Technology.

Dow Griffin

Pastor / Director


Dow has been the director of MBSF since December 2008. He and his wife, Melanie, have been married since March 1998. They have a daughter named Audrey and a son named Declan.

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